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Hope Thru Housing residents learn valuable job skills while working for one of our businesses that also generate needed revenue to help support the Hope Thru Housing program.

Our operations and businesses are primarily staffed by HTH residents.  This allows us to provide services free of charge and is consistent with our goals of creating a sense of community and allowing our residents to take responsibility for themselves and their treatment.

While our enterprises' pooled earnings provide about 60% of our annual budget, our emphasis will always be people before profit.  The goals in the design and operation of our vocational training areas are:

  1. Teach residents to interact positively with the public;
  2. Help educate the public about the positive changes former substance abusers can make;
  3. Teach marketable skills to the formerly unskilled; and
  4. Earn income for the program.

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                                                    Contact us at 614-825-6025 for more information.