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Hope Thru Housing Columbus Substance Abuse and Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol abuse can have a lasting impact on lives and communities. It can sour relationships, fracture families, and leave loved ones struggling to pick up the pieces. At Hope Thru Housing, we want to help. We understand how challenging addiction can be, and work with those in need to overcome it.

At Hope Thru Housing, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We are proud to serve Columbus as a 24-month residential drug and alcohol treatment center and aftercare program, focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration. Our rehab program works with those who have struggled with alcohol or substance abuse from a range of racial, economic, and educational backgrounds, to help residents get back on their feet.

HTH residents and staff work together as key agents of change to foster an environment of growth and acceptance. We strive to influence individual attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors to build a therapeutic community that benefits all. We believe that one of the most powerful catalysts for change is an increased community connection, supported by awareness of, and accountability for, one’s actions.

HTH has been helping those struggling with abuse for over ten years, and has learned how critical support and community is for individuals to achieve lasting sobriety. Our HTH Social Enterprises teach residents marketable skills by allowing them to manage and operate businesses with minimal supervision. This approach allows us to support our own operations through income earned by resident-operated businesses, rather than charging fees to those in need.

Hope Thru Housing Resident-Operated Businesses

At Hope Thru Housing, we want to give our residents every opportunity to succeed once they are ready to re-enter society. That’s why we started our resident-operated businesses. Our Social Enterprises vocational training and businesses are run exclusively by HTH residents and staff, so residents can learn marketable job skills during treatment that can help them find gainful employment once they leave our program.

Our resident-operated businesses help create a sense of community and agency in our residents, in addition to allowing us to provide treatment and support services free of charge. By running public-facing businesses, individuals learn how to interact positively with people, gain useful skills for the future, and can educate others on the positive effects of a cost-free rehabilitation for those suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Lawn Care

Hope Thru Housing’s “The Reel Cut” offers lawn care services to Columbus and the surrounding area. By offering competitive pricing and professional lawn maintenance, HTH residents can learn marketable skills in a viable professional environment.

Farm Market

At Hope Thru Housing’s Farm Market, you can pick up seasonal produce, plants, Christmas Trees, and other fresh goodies while helping your community. Our Farm Market is run by HTH residents and staff, and is a great way for individuals to learn a new industry.

Online Auction

Hope Thru Housing’s Online Auction is a great way to score hundreds of must-have items at a discount. Run by the women of HTH, it helps our residents learn e-commerce and valuable computer skills.

Our Mission Statement

At Hope Thru Housing, we believe that you are not defined by your addiction, and deserve a second chance to become the person you want to be. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges of living with addiction, and we can help. We offer 24-month residential programs that focus on therapy, education, vocational training, employment services, and continued support to recovering substance users, so they can achieve a sober, productive life. If you need help with addiction, contact us today to learn more.

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We enable individuals to be productive, recovering members of the community by providing a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program, work-based vocational training, education,and continuing care.

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Hope Thru Housing is a comprehensive, 24 month, residential substance abuse treatment center and aftercare program located in Columbus, Ohio. 
Our women's program will open in February.

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